Argyle Funds SPC Inc., ARC (EURO) Fund and ARC (USD) Fund (All in Official Liquidation) (the Companies)

Please be advised that the JOLs have been approached by a third party who has expressed an interest in purchasing investments held by investors of the Companies.


If an investor has any interest in the above, please contact the third party directly:


Company:        Fulcrum Capital

Contact Name: Peter Herzog

Address:          111 Congress Avenue – 25th Floor, Austin, Texas 78701 USA 


Telephone:       +1 (512) 473-2778

Mobile:             +1 (512) 694-9922


For the avoidance of any doubt, the JOLs are not advising that investors take up any offers that may be received from this third party, nor can they offer any information regarding Fulcrum Capital.  Investors should make their own enquiries and seek their own advice if considering any offers for their investments.  The purpose of this notice is solely to make investors aware of the expression of interest from the third party and to provide their contact details.